Carly Audette

Client Relations/Human Performance Specialist

Having lived along the Northeastern coast, Carly has loved to stay active for as long as she can remember. Growing up on an island off of the midcoast of beautiful Maine, exercise and the outdoors have always enticed her. And this interest in fitness would have considerable carryover into her professional life many years later; but it wouldn’t come immediately.

While taking a myriad of marketing, business, and communications classes in college, she entertained the prospect of switching to nursing. Not wanting to suppress the naturally empathetic facet of her personality, Carly cultivated it further. Years later, after becoming pregnant, Carly would discover the area she wanted to dedicate her energy towards: she was driven to become a personal trainer who offered training services to moms that struggled to feel good in their own skin. Knowing just how difficult it was for her to reestablish her core strength and to start feeling good about herself after pregnancy, Carly was driven to help put other women at ease.

Taking a mat Pilates certification and later becoming Barre certified – Carly was able to connect with women using her uplifting personality, encouraging advice, and motivation. She later earned her ACE personal training certificate as well as FMS certification, to broaden her reach in the industry. Her qualifications range from expertise in Bodyweight strength training, toning balls, resistance bands, Stability ball and BOSU, to injury prevention, as she seeks to work with a wide range of clients.

And like two complementary points on a compass, Carly’s steps were oriented by her desire to nurture and exercise. Utilizing these two passions, she has found a position here at the Fitness Artist where she seeks to continually serve those who are looking to sculpt their bodies, prevent injuries, and live as healthy a life as they can. It brings Carly joy and fulfillment to help others achieve their goals and see tangible results. Her advice is to get started; and although it might be uncomfortable at first, feeling like the best version of yourself will make up for temporary discomfort in the beginning stages of training. And for Carly, one of her biggest motivators is seeing her clients excel!