“Work Force Strong has helped me tremendously. Prior to attending these classes, lower back pain was something that I dealt with on a daily basis, often requiring a chiropractor to alleviate the soreness. Lucky for me, Work Force Strong focused on strengthening core muscles and I can attest that its working! My back has not been sore since I started going to these classes. In addition, a couple weeks ago, my wife, brother, and sister climbed Algonquin Peak, the 2nd highest peak in the Adirondacks. All of the others that went with me were quite sore afterwards. Thanks to the Work Force Strong training, I was not!”

Brain A- Project Analyst

“I have been going to the Work Force Strong program now for approximately 4 months and have seen significant improvements in the knee pain I have been experiencing due to a torn meniscus in my left knee. I was advised by my Orthopedic Physician to improve my aerobic activities in order to avoid yet another knee surgery. I can safely say that the classes provided have significantly improved my strength and flexibility as well as drastically reduced my daily knee pain. The staff is extremely helpful, positive and a bright spot for the program. Its a stress relief for all that enter and shows that the company truly cares about the well-being of its employees. Thank you again for providing the service and I hope we can get the word out further to help the whole company. As a side note, these classes help foster new relationships between employees which open up doors to better work environments; a positive result in many aspects.”

Thomas D- Advisor Program Manager

“Despite the best plans to balance desk and field time, I still spend a considerable amount of time behind the computer or in meetings. This focused program provides me a quick break from sitting or standing and serves to improve my ergonomic posture and overall health. I return to work feeling refreshed and focused and find I have more energy throughout my day. My strength and flexibility has improved greatly in the short time I have been in the program. The positive, upbeat approach the instructors take is motivating and improves morale which participants are bringing back to the group. I see this program as a truly proactive step to reduce or eliminate workplace injuries and build a healthy workforce. I look forward to continued participation in this valuable program.”

Dave L- Project Manager

“I find Work Force Strong to be one of the best programs that we currently have on site. Not only does it reinforce good ergonomic safety habits, but it's also wonderful for employee morale. Having Work Force Strong sends the message that our company truly cares about their employees overall health, both as it relates to maintaining a safety standard in the workplace and practicing a healthy lifestyle. The program is fun and functional, and our instructor does a wonderful job of tailoring sessions to the work we do here, focusing on stretches and exercises based on the way we move or do not move while performing our day to day job functions. I've personally seen an improvement in my range of motion, overall flexibility, comfort while working, and mindfulness since participating in Work Force Strong. I have so many good things to say about the Work Force Strong program. I believe that it is a fantastic resource we offer to our employees that absolutely should continue.”

Amanda Y- Engineering Technologist

"Timing was perfect when Fitness Artist came to our company. I had recently started my own fitness journey at home and was experiencing a lot of setbacks due to injuries associated with improper lifting. On my first day of class, I even arrived with a shoulder injury and was contemplating having surgery to correct it. Through all of the stretches that I have learned and all the one on one talks that I have had with the trainers during the class, I am so happy with the results that I have achieved so far. At the start of this, missed days of work and having to leave work early to go to the chiropractors, were an all too common occurrence. Now with just one of the simple stretches I learned, when i start to feel may back slipping out, most of the times, I am able correct to issue and feel great again almost instantly. If that was the only thing I learned in the class, I would have been satisfied, but that fact that I now I have access to a trainer twice a week helps me push towards my goals while knowing Fitness Artist has got my back."

Jeff C- Machinist

“During the daily performance of my job; bending, lifting, climbing, and walking are integral parts of the day. Over the years, I have felt that I needed to be extra cautious when doing these things so that I would not reinjure an area of my back that was previously repaired by surgery. Since I have been a regular participant of the Work Force Strong program, Travis and his staff have showed us how to strengthen our bodies safely and effectively with the focus always on injury prevention. They have showed us that a weak or injury prone area of the body can be strengthened safely. This has been done without the use of a “gym” and solely by utilizing your own body, minimal equipment and minimal time. I am thankful for this program and what it has done for me. Having a stronger body is beneficial for injury prevention in work and play. Without having the worry of, “I might get hurt…” has also enhanced the overall quality of my life.”

Bob L- Machinist

“I would like to take this opportunity to express to you my deepest gratitude for bringing Fitness Artist to our company. There are many areas of my life that I feel that have improved dramatically in a short period of time due to their arrival. I have noticed an improvement in my occupational endeavors as well as my personal life. Fitness Artist has changed my perspective on what it truly means to be living healthy. Since Fitness Artist has begun their pilot program, I have noticed differences in my work. For starters, my energy level has increased like a wildfire. I notice that I do not have the late afternoon slumps as I have had in the past. I am able to consistently finish my days with a high energy level. I have also seen visible signs of my range of motion improve. I have consistently stretched on my own with the 6 minute stretch offered to us by our clinic, but since Fitness Artist has shown me other stretching techniques, I am now able to touch the floor whereas before I was only able to touch the top of my shoes. Moreover, I have seen a better range of motion throughout my body that allows me to be a more productive worker. For example I am more aware of my body position, and I am able to handle tighter spaces much easier. Another area I have noticed that I see changes in myself is the way I approach to pick things up. Fitness Artist has shown many functional ways to pick up material in a correct manner on a day-to-day basis. One major distinction I have seen during this process with Fitness Artist is that my stress level has decreased significantly. Learning deep diaphragmatic breathing, helps in all phases of my life. If I notice myself in a stressful situation I am able to use this specific breathing to evaluate the situation and move forward in a positive direction. With Fitness Artist I believe that I can tackle any work situation with a clear mind and a strong body. Fitness Artist has not just changed my ability at work; it has also made its way into my home. As mentioned before, my energy level has increased and my children ages 5 and 2 have noticed a more active dad. I am able to keep up with their high energy level long into the night. It has made me more of a productive husband as well. My nightly routine has changed, I handle mundane tasks with ease, such as laundry, and the garbage and other routine things that I need to be done to keep a home functioning. We have been able to implement some of the strategies that Fitness Artist Dietitian, Kristen Gil, has offered us, some of those strategies include, going shopping with a full stomach, sticking to the grocery list and having meals planned out in advance. One big difference that I have made is drinking water; water I believe has a direct correlation to my weight loss. Over the past 6 weeks, I have lost nearly 15 pounds. The other significant change that I made is that I am using my local gym one or twice a week. Fitness Artist has motivated me enough to want to take care of myself, this has not happened in a very long time. Some other changes I have noticed is that I have more of a positive attitude and I have been getting a better quality sleep at night. All of these changes big or small have made me a better person. In conclusion Fitness Artist and this pilot program have changed my life for the better. I am more active than ever before, I am less stressed, and highly motivated. This program has done wonders for me at work and at home, this is not just for me but I believe this program should be instituted site wide for everyone to take advantage of. I am so glad I was chosen to take part in this particular program offered to my co-workers and me. I look forward to reaching all of my goals at work and at home. I just want to once again thank management and Fitness Artist for helping me be the best version of myself.”

John M- SteamFitter

“I have been a Sworn Member of the New York State Police for 17 years and have held the rank of Investigator for the last 9 years. Over the course of my career I have sustained injuries: some job-related and some not job-related. Nonetheless I have had to make it a priority to stay fit so that I could perform my job duties safely and effectively. Approximately 3 years ago I herniated a disc in my spine and although physical therapy alleviated my pain and allowed me to work, I could not train the way I wanted to. Surgery was not a viable option. I fell into an emotional rut, gained a lot of weight and felt awful. Simple tasks caused me to ache and I had no energy. I decided the only way I was going to get back into shape was with the help of an expert. I tried Fitness Artist. I met Travis Gil and explained to him my history and goals. He set me up with one of his trainers who programmed my workouts keeping in mind my ailments and still giving me a strenuous workout. I never suffered any pain and I made fantastic gains. In less than 5 months I lost 40 pounds. I feel stronger and more flexible than I have since I joined the State Police. I am confident that I can perform my job more effectively now than I have ever been able to. I have been training at Fitness Artist for almost 2 years now. In that time, I have trained with 7 different Fitness Artist trainers. I have taken classes with 2-8 participants. I have done personal one-on-one sessions. I have taken yoga classes. One consistent variable I have experienced is that every trainer I have worked with believes in Travis Gil’s mission to offer a meaningful training experience. I have found them all to be extremely knowledgeable and effective. I cannot thank Travis Gil and the Fitness Artist staff for the progress I have made and I look forward to working out with them for many years to come. I highly recommend Fitness Artist to any law enforcement agency because I believe that with their guidance, Fitness Artist will make any police or public safety officer better prepared to face the rigors that the profession of law enforcement demands.”

Anthony J. Catalfamo Jr. - NYSP BCI Gaming Unit

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