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Fitness Artist has been providing Human Performance and Injury Prevention Services to both public and private sector clients for over 10 years


Eliminate and Reduce Lost Time and Productivity Due to Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI)

Who’s at risk?

Workers who perform repetitive movement patterns over an extended period of time. Examples include: Office Workers, Craft Personnel, Military, Security, and many more.

What is it?

A form of musculoskeletal disorders, such as tendinitis and carpal tunnel syndrome, that can affect tendons, muscles, nerves, and joints, which can lead to pains, burning, tingling, swelling and loss of joint movement and strength. If not treated, the symptoms can progress into crippling disorders that are difficult to correct.

How we can help?

WFS provides top industry experts who craft custom stretching programs and provide proper movement education for your workforce. Contact us if you struggle with injuries due to:

  • Repetition
  • Insufficient recovery time
  • Forceful movements
  • Awkward or fixed postures
  • Cold temperatures
  • Contact stress
  • Pace of work
  • Psychosocial stress
  • Vibration
  • Lack of teamwork

We believe that in all companies, Safety should be your #1 core value.  Suffering an injury on the job can result in high consequences that impact the lives of the worker, family members, and your company as a whole. It also deters your organization from achieving its mission.

Injuries can happen anywhere and that’s why we put such an emphasis on prevention and performance.

Unlike other training providers, WFS specializes in a phased approach to Human Movement and Injury Prevention which we consider the “new age” of safety training.

Work Ready Assessment

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  • Worker Performance Analysis
  • Functional Movement Screening
  • Body Composition Metrics
  • Goal Setting Sessions

Comprehensive Nutrition Counseling

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  • Educational Presentations
  • Fueling the body for optimum performance
  • Balanced Plans
  • Nutrition made easy

Customized Human Movement Classes

Work force strong classes
  • Proper Lifting Techniques
  • Body Awareness
  • Mobility
  • Stability
  • Strength
  • Recovery

In an era of budget constraints, health and safety tends to be one of those areas where money does not go. That limits training in health and safety and the ability to identify risks and prevent injuries.
 Milly Rodriguez - the occupational health and safety specialist from The American Federation of Government Employees: Office Worker

"In the past 15 years, we've provided nearly $12 billion in compensation to hundreds of thousands of people” [working for the Department of Energy]. 
Leonard Howi - U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Worker’s Compensation Programs (OWCP) Director

Human Performance Training truly is a win-win proposition for both the employer and employee.

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Employee Fitness Classes

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If you prefer more of a fast paced, culture focused program, no problem. But our SWEAT classes are very different from the impersonal approach you have experienced with other class instructors. Each class is run by a highly qualified fitness professional. You will be in a group setting but leave feeling like you got one on one training. Each session is programmed by the fitness professional coaching you so every SWEAT session is unique and you never do the same workout twice.

What gets measured gets improved

Build mobility, stability and strength

Static Stretch Recovery